Libsodium is already included in PHP 7.2. You can also run this application with PostgreSQL oder SQLite.

    Create database

    Create Userli database and database user.

    Get the code

    Install the latest release.


    You can personalize your Userli instance by creating .env.local, which overrides some values from .env. You should at least configure the following values.

    Finalize the setup

    Last steps to make Userli work properly.

    Webserver configuration

    Userli has to be installed like any other Symfony application.


    You can override translation strings individually by putting them into override localization files at translations/<lang>/messages.<lang>.yml.


    The PHP console command bin/console app:users:checkpassword provides a checkpassword command to be used for authentication (userdb and passdb lookup) by external services. So far, it’s only tested with Dovecot.


    This app brings custom commands: