Web application to (self-) manage email users and encrypt their mailboxes.



  • User self-service (change password/recovery token, set aliases, …)
  • Invite code system (new users get three invite codes after one week)
  • Domain admins (accounts with admin rights for one domain)
  • Random alias feature for users
  • Recovery tokens to restore accounts when password got lost
  • Support for Dovecot mailbox encryption
  • Multi-language support (English, Spanish, Portuguese, BokmÃ¥l, and German provided)


Userli supports a role system to help you run your mail server.

  • User - Default role
  • Multiplier - Like user but with unlimited invite codes
  • Suspicious - User without invite codes
  • Spam - This account is suspected to be hacked and can't send mail anymore
  • Domain-Admin - Can add/edit/delete users and aliases for their domain
  • Admin - Can add/edit/delete all available data


This is a start. Please help to improve the documentation.