Getting Started

The easiest way to install Userli on a fresh Debian Buster is running these commands:

# install dependencies
sudo apt install -y python-pip git
sudo pip install molecule  # re-run in case of error

# get code
git clone
cd ansible-role-userli

# install apache2, mariadb, php7.3 and userli
sudo molecule converge -s localhost

This installs all dependencies, creates a database and database user (name: userli, password: userli), and installs the userli code at /var/www/userli. It is accessible via http://localhost:8080.

role="alert">Do not run this configuration in production.

Next, you would have to change the password of the database user, configure your instance, and probably install Dovecot to do anything meaningful.

Better, do a manual installation to understand each part of your configuration.